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Artist's Notes

  When we first started out, we did what everyone else did. We took photographs, literally thousands of them, and selected the best from what we had. We printed, matted and started to market them. Quite successfully, too.

  We could have continued as is, not changing a thing, and would have done quite well. Yet, something wouldn't let us rest, something kept clawing at our back, tugging at our artist's soul, telling us that we could do better. Not just in how we took our photographs, or marketed them, but in how each photograph was processed. Pride in our work demanded that we look for methods that were second to none. We searched the net, went gallery to gallery. Then, finally, after hundreds of hours of research, thousands of dollars in materials and development, trial-and-error, we found what we were looking for. In one word. Exhibitex.

  We first saw it on an oversized print at a five-star hotel and wondered what it was. We searched the net. We asked around. Then we found out. We searched the net again trying to find services that would do it for us. Each wanted $50 a square foot and more! This was not acceptable! We couldn't pass that on to our customers. So we kept searching, this time, bent on finding instructions on it's use. We found nothing. Just some vague description of the product but no instructions on how to apply it. We did, however, find a few sources that carried the product. So, we took a gamble and ordered $500.00 of this thing called exhibitex.

  When it finally arrived we were so excited we couldn't wait to tear open the box and unravel it's secret. This was so exciting. Our adrenalin was flowing wildly. We tore at the tape on the box. Ripped the cover open. Then, like Indiana Jones, we slowly pulled it out of the box. "Ahhh! Oh yes! Voila!" (Dance around the room!) There it was - a nicely rolled, thin, translucent, vinyl/plastic like material. Interesting, but something else caught our attention. Something didn't seem right. It couldn't be. Could it? Oh, no! No Way! We started searching frantically. We looked into every corner and every fold of the box, every piece we tore off, but to our chagrin, there were absolutely no instructions included! Not even a hint. Aye yay yay yay,yah, Yah! We couldn't even tell which side was up or down. What did it matter? We were completely in the dark. We called the supplier, the wholesaler didn't know. In fact, nobody knew! So once again we began the trial-and-error phase. Over and over, inch-by-inch, uncovering exhibitex's little secrets one after another. Finding one clue on the net, here, then there. Failure after failure, dozens of first and second degree burns on our hands and arms and then, finally, on a small 8 x 10 print we got it right! On our next attempt, we failed again. A few prints later we succeeded. Then failed. We failed many, many more times after that but with each attempt we knew we were getting closer.

  What we had here was a sorely needed product that complemented today's advanced printing inks and papers. Giclee prints or any archival print, for that matter, simply won't last very long regardless of how many years the paper and inks are rated for if they aren't properly protected. Exhibitex provided this protection. UV light, dust, moisture, fingerprints, stains, smudge, and airborne pollutant protection were built right in. Best of all, we knew that if we could master and specialize on this process we would be able to do it at a small fraction of what it costs to get it done elsewhere.

  We succeeded, and today, we use several different products. Each doing the same thing, in a slightly different manner with slightly different results and benefits. All of it good. All of it, guaranteed. All, something we are so proud to place our signature on.

Artist's Notes - Update - 8/28/2007

  For the longest time, we refused to print our photographic giclees on canvas. Not because we didn't like the idea, but simply because there wasn't any canvas that could truly convey the richness and depth of a good photograph.

  That is, until now. For the 6 months we have been working with leading edge canvas for our prints and the results and customer feedback have been wonderful. We are currently working on purchase options that will incorporate these canvas prints for our website. We hope to get that done soon.

  In the meantime, if you would like to know more about our canvas offerings, please do not hesitate to email us. We really appreciate all the user feedback we have had over the years.

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