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Added 50 new pics today. All flora. Will try to add a few more this weekend.

Added 54 new pics today. All flora. Hope you enjoy them. Will add more before the weekend.

All themes should now display properly in IE6. I hope, anyway. I can't tell as I don't have any machine that runs IE6 anymore. I replaced all the png files to gif files - dennis.

Authored and added a few new themes (Dennis), but they only work with IE7 or 3rd party browsers. IE6 or prior don't seem to support png transparency (now fixed). These can be accessed at the bottom of the page. Any feedback on the new themes would be truly appreciated ... also fixed the inquiry button that was suppose to display above the intermediate-sized pics. If you have any question regarding a pic, just click that and email us. -- Good News! We will be adding more pics this week.

Some of you may have noticed that a koa framing service has been added to the artistsinhawaii.com home page. Hopefully we'll soon have it up and running and will be able to offer a full-service photo-art website from prints to finished work.

We've also been working on a new website for evj. It's time for her to get her own web address and no longer be a folder off of artistsinhawaii.com. We needed to upgrade her site and make options available for canvas, as well as, the more artful works that Estelle has been working on. We'll keep you updated on our progress.

Added a few pics. Unfortunately, some people have been abusing the free ecard service sending email helter skelter with links promoting some very inappropriate and dubious services. At this cannot be tolerated, we've had to deny ecard services to all until the matter can be dealt with. Our sincere appologies to those who were simply using this service for what it was intended. -- can't believe they did the same to the comment feature as well...sigh.

Also changed the banner image at the top so that you can preview pictures using the slideshow feature without having to scroll too often.(8/15/2007)

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